Once you have chosen to build or expand your family through adoption, you will need  a home study to complete the process. 


Throughout the home study process, you will receive an educational orientation to issues of adoption, participate in an assessment, and have opportunities to learn more about yourself, your primary relationships, and your parenting ideologies and practices.  The end product of a home study is a written report of the family’s history that becomes a legal document when petitioning for adoption.

Social workers understand the sensitive nature of this process and work to respect and ensure confidentiality of all information provided.  Confidentiality is the law!  The home study is designed to educate and prepare parents and assess the suitability of the family and home, all to ensure the safety and well being of the child joining the family.  Social workers look for a loving, committed, healthy and safe environment to welcome a child. 
Missouri statutes require verification information be provided during the home study process to include:
*birth certificates*marriage license
*employment and financial verification                     *physical examinations
*criminal record and child abuse screening            *letters of character reference

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